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Ideas crisis is not only in my head

Posted in Uncategorized by churchofyourheart on March 19, 2009

Cool dudes’ been telling us: implement what you need and what you like yourself. This works, unless you have nothing that you need and nothing that you like. It feels like it’s an ideas crisis and it’s not only in my head: nobody for the last year hasn’t done anything I would personally pay for (except GitHub – I’m on free account, but I would pay, if I needed). This feeling was described perfectly by this comment.

Could it be that the innovation spirit has shifted somewhere else? Could it be that web simply does not need as much innovation and does not have any more potential to feed all those programmers hoping to get their millions?

It’s just that I’ve been thinking for the last 2 months (and I mean thinking all the time using different approaches: taking a walk, talking to people, just sitting and concentrating, writing down the thoughts, trying out a few ideas with the actual code) and nothing really seemed to be at least promising. And no one else from “webdev startupping” I talked to or heard of sounded promising either. What’s that?

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