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Being there

Posted in Uncategorized by churchofyourheart on February 27, 2009

I think at some point in life you decide that relationship is irrelevant and that no matter where it goes and how it goes, you’ll always be there for a person. That no matter what you say to each other and who’s actually smarter, she will never stop being part of your life. That no matter who she fucks and whom you fuck, you’re the family (pretty good phrase here). When you accept this, it becomes so easy not to be an ass and stop doing stupid things.

And it’s not even the question, if she’s the one or if she’s not. It’s just the question of acceptance of your life up to the moment. Acceptance is better than rage or denying, because it leads somewhere. It teaches you to fix your mistakes, not to avoid them. And, finally, it gives you a sense of something constant that no one else can take from you.

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